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Hauora Taiwhenua


In 2022 The New Zealand Rural General Practice Network planned to transition to a new collective organisation, Hauora Taiwhenua – Rural Health Network. This was to be a newly formed organisation representing the breadth of the New Zealand rural health sector.

Hauora Taiwhenua is a collective organisation to advocate for the health and wellbeing of rural New Zealanders. 

I was contacted by the team at Hauora Taiwhenua in 2021 to begin designing their new identity and visual branding.

Work has included:

>> Logo Design
>> Extended Branding
>> Display Design
>> Brand Guidelines


A symbol of knowledge, community and support. A nurturing circular shape that comes together in unity.
These were the building blocks to creating the logo symbol for Hauora Taiwhenua / Rural Health Network.

Elements and inspiration within the logo have come from:

Koru – The unfurling frond is symbolic of new life, new beginnings, a new start and hope.

Support – A coming together to support, creating a collective strength and trust in each other.

The Land – The shapes that represent the rural New Zealand landscape from above.

Kete – The kete / woven basket, represents a container of knowledge and wisdom.

Above: Hauora Taiwhenua full logo design. Created to be versatile enough reversed out on the brand blue colour background, or the standard version on a white background. The stacked version is the primary logo, with a horizontal version also included for situations where space restrictive. The logo symbol serves well as part of the extended branding when used as a background element.

Above: The Hauora Taiwhenua family. A newly formed organisation that represents all of the New Zealand rural health sectors. Nine chapters fall under the umbrella of Hauora Taiwhenua. Logos were created for all the chapters with colours assigned to each to help individualise and recognise.


The purpose of a brand guideline manual is to cover the visual elements, language, and messaging that represent the Hauora Taiwhenua identity. A brand guide helps insure the brand is used correctly and sends a consistent message.
Included in the HT brand guide is the logo story, the logo system, all the logos and usage guide. Brand colours and formulas for both print and digital use. Typography guide, showing primary and secondary brand fonts for print and digital use. Example designs of the brand in use, such as stationery and pull up banners.
Setting out these key specifications and usage guides assists with quality control and helps prevent incorrect use.

Above: The brand guidelines manual is to help assure the brand is used correctly and sends a consistent message. An essential tool in helping with correct use and consistency.


Stationery templates for business cards and letterheads were designed and created for all nine Hauora Taiwhenua chapters. This ensured a uniform look across the organisation and a more streamlined process in creating and printing all the various stationery required for various staff.


Pull-up banner designs and large display walls have been designed for various presentation and promotional uses at trade shows and events. These large displays help introduce the brand and communicate key messaging.


Continuing the brand design across many types of print material. Above is the membership flyer that is used at various conferences. Below is the recently completed 2023-2026 Strategic Plan document.

Check back soon as we add more brand assets and continue with the Hauora Taiwhenua brand story. Their journey is just beginning, and we look forward to working with them along the way.



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