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Your business logo is a key aspect of your brand identity. It’s the face of your brand. Think of it as a signpost, there to represent, communicate and help form impressions. At Qora Health Branding I spend time getting to know your business/organisation and what it represents, so that those values can be reflected in the identity design. Unique and considered designs that give your identity the personality and professionalism it deserves.

Often within the health sector, especially when patients or customers are the key audiences, a careful balance is required. Security, safety, and strength are balanced with being approachable, comfortable, and calming. A fine line that’s important when forming impressions. Each business or organisation is uniquely different and I’m here to help you communicate that.

I already have a logo, do I really need a newly designed one?

The answer is, not necessarily. The real question is, is your logo representing you well? If the answer is no to any of the following questions, then maybe it’s time to consider a new or updated logo design.


  • Does your current logo look dated and a little old fashioned?
  • Does your current logo reflect the professional nature of your business?
  • Do you think your current logo is engaging and welcoming to your key audience?
  • Does your staff know how to use the logo correctly?
  • Is your current logo versatile enough to use in variety of different circumstances?
  • Are you proud of your current business identity and branding?


“We’ve worked with Qora for a number of years and they’ve done fantastic work for Clever First Aid.
It’s always been great quality and added excellent value to our presentations and other media.”

Peter Montgomery – Clever First Aid


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