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Mobile Health Group


Mobile Health Group was formed earlier this year to be the umbrella company for Mobile Surgical (elective day surgery), Mobile Medical (kidney stone treatment), Mobile Imaging (PET-CT), and My Health Hub (online education webinars and in-person courses for health professionals).

I’ve been working with Mobile Health since 2010 so it’s been a privilege to work on the new branding and the updated brand refresh of the four service brands. I’ll be creating individual case study pages for the other MHG brands soon.

Work has included:

>> Logo Design
>> Extended Branding
>> Print Design
>> Exhibition Design
>> Promotional Material
>> Brand Guidelines


Since Mobile Medical and Mobile Surgical began nearly 24 years ago, an over-riding arch was used in the logo to symbolise movement, progress, and care. This continues to be part of the Mobile Health Group brand narrative as they carry this symbolism to the present day.

The arches you see across all of the Mobile Health Group brands derived from the early logos of the company, but have now been modernised and include additional meaning that adds to the brand narrative.

The umbrella company Mobile Health Group has an all-encompassing circular arch system. This represents the coming together of the ranga | group.

The individual brands have a single arch system comprising of three lines, these lines represent the MHG three core values. “Our team, our patients, and our community”. The overall shape of the arch represents movement and forward motion.

Above: The family of brands. Four services that fall under the umbrella company of Mobile Health Group

Brand Kōwhaiwhai

With inspiration drawn from pūhoro seen at the front of waka, and kōwhaiwhai/patterns, this contemporary interpretation created for MHG flows through the brands. Fundamentally all MHG brands (except My Health Hub), share the same purpose and vision, so therefore share the same kōwhaiwhai/pattern and narrative.

Using the same pattern throughout the brands brings unity and a common thread throughout all the specialty services.

The MHG kōwhaiwhai has a gentle flowing nurturing motion, representing our units traveling throughout Aotearoa making stops, and helping patients along the way. The curved shapes used within the pattern reflect and mimic the arch shapes used in the logos.

Above: The narrative behind the MHG brand pattern/kōwhaiwhai

Brand Guidelines Manual

The purpose of a brand guideline manual is to cover the visual elements, language, and messaging that represent the Mobile Health Group identity. A brand guide helps ensure the brand is used correctly and sends a consistent message.

The MHG brand guide includes the logo story, the logo system, all the logos and usage guide. Brand colours and formulas for both print and digital use. Typography guide, showing primary and secondary brand fonts for print and digital use. Example mockups to show the brand in context, such as stationery and pull up banners.

Branding design for Health NZ - Full Brand Guidelines Manual for MHG

Above: The brand guidelines manual is to help assure the brand is used correctly and sends a consistent message.
An essential tool in helping with correct use and unity.

Brand Assets

Below are some examples of MHG brand assets currently created for various uses.
The logo and extended branding have been designed in such a way that it is extremely versatile across a range of mediums both for print and digital use.

Health NZ Design for social media - MHG

Above: Social media cover design

Above: Business card design

Above: Infographic created for MHG vision and values

More to come

Check back soon as we add more brand assets and continue with the Mobile Health Group brand story. Their journey is just beginning, and I look forward to working with them going forward.

In the meantime check in with the MHG brands below to view individual case studies. Each has its own unique flavour that ties in with the MHG brand but also has its own identity. These sections are a work in progress, so will be updated and live soon.


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