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my health hub

My Health Hub provides regular online education sessions intended for nurses, GPs and other health providers working in primary care, secondary care, residential care and community settings.

My Health Hub was established in 2021 by Mobile Health to bring together all their online education material.

Qora Health Branding designed the My Health hub brand and continues to work with the team at Mobile Health. Ongoing work includes promotional material for each new webinar session and displays for trade shows and conferences.

Work has included:

>> Logo Design
>> Extended Branding
>> Promotional Design
>> Marketing Material
>> Website Design
>> Social Media Graphics

Above: My Health Hub Logo Design. Created to be versatile enough to be reversed out on the brand blue colour background, or the standard version on a white background. A longer horizontal version was also created for use when space is an issue.

Above: The meaning behind the logo design. Bringing together the two fundamental key elements of My Health hub, I created a star/play symbol to be the core logo icon. Slightly rounded edges to soften and make it a little more welcoming and friendly. 

Above: A social media promotion was created to introduce the brand over a series of weeks to the existing audience. This brings familiarity to the brand even before it’s fully in use, making the transition a little less abrupt.

Qora Health Branding custom icon designs

Above: Custom icon designs were created for use on the website to highlight various key features.

Above: Website layout, design and build was then created to house all the My Health Hub educational material. 

Above: Poster designs for My Health Hub educational webinars. So far 200 + webinars and counting! For each webinar we create promotional material for social media, newsletters, and the website to promote each topic coming up in the next. After they are held live, the webinars are uploaded to the website for health professionals to watch in their own time.


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