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Stretch Me

Stretch Me offers group classes that promote natural posture alignment through programmes based on Pilates, Yoga, and restorative exercises. During the research phase of the project, it became clear the Stretch Me brand needed much more energy and vitality.  I worked with the business owner to re-assess the vision of the business, and re-align the visual branding to communicate this more. The Stretch Me design process evolved around a more vibrant colour scheme and generally more movement and energy with the visual branding as a whole.

Below are some samples of work that has been created so far for Stretch Me. The business is still relatively new, and we continue to work together creating more branding and marketing material for them.


Work has included:

>> Logo Design
>> Extended Branding
>> Print Design
>> Apparel
>> Marketing Material
>> Website
>> Info Graphics

Above: Stretch Me Logo Design. Created to be versatile enough reversed out on the brand purple colour background, or the standard version on a white background. Stand alone symbols serve well for the likes of social media profile icons.

Above: The concept behind the design of the symbol. Incorporating a spine, the initial ‘S’, lines representing alignment and arrows indicating stretching extension.

Above: Business card print design. Beautiful thick paper stock, with a matt laminate. Quality and substance you want to hang on to.

Above: Information graphic, designed to easily explain forward head posture. Use of this graphic has been used on printed marketing material and social media.

Above: Exploring options for instructors branded apparel.

Above: Imagery and digital banners designed for use in social media and the website.

Above: In 2022 Stretch Me developed the Stand Tall and Breathe programme. Imagery and branding for this programme were designed for a workbook and social media.


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