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Stronger Schools

Stronger Schools delivers health and wellbeing guidance for educators and other school staff working with primary-school-aged children.

Qora Health Branding was asked by Streamliners to create a new brand for Stronger Schools. The online product contains detailed pathways to help school staff recognise and respond to the wellbeing needs of children and provides strengths-based, early-intervention strategies. 

This page shows the development behind the design of the logo, and the brand assets created so far.

Work has included:

>> Logo Design
>> Extended Branding
>> Promotional Design
>> Marketing Material
>> Website Design
>> Social Media Graphics

Above: The Stronger Schools logo design variations. On the left, Kete Tautoko Tamariki, the version used within Aotearoa New Zealand. On the right is the international version of the logo. Created to be versatile enough to be reversed out on the brand blue colour background, or the standard version on a white background. A longer horizontal version was also created for use when lack of vertical space is an issue.

Above: The concept and meaning behind the logo design. Bringing together the two fundamental key elements of Stronger Schools (collective input and outgoing pathways), I created a symbol to be the core logo icon.

Qora Health Branding custom icon designs

Above: Custom icon designs were created for use on the website and printed material to highlight various key features.

Above: Brochure design to introduce the brand to the education sector. Here we can see the extended brand design and colour palette now being used which will carry over to other materials including the website design.

Above: Branded pull up banner designs for use at various trade shows and presentation events.

Above: Website home page banner design. Full website layout and graphics were designed by Qora, and supplied to the client’s own developer to build the site.


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