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CMS (Content Management System) websites that are tailor-made for your unique business needs. Sites that are functional, easy to navigate, mobile friendly and very simple to maintain and update by staff.

Full in-house website design and build service for small brochure style websites. For larger more complex websites, I work alongside and collaborate with a specialised web developer to bring you the best website solutions for your business.

We can also also help you with social media assets and digital advertising.

web Design samples

Mobile Health Website

Design and build of the new Mobile Health website.
Visit the full website here:


Mobile Health Induction App

App design and layout for the Mobile Health Induction App. The design files  and specs were then handed to a app developer for the build.


NZ Telehealth Website

Design and layout of the NZ Telehealth website. Design and specs were then handed over to a web developer to complete the build.

Visit the full site here: 

Stretch Me Website

A simple brochure style site designed and built for Stretch Me. Designed to be a simple form of information, that is easy for the client to update and edit as required.

Visit the full site here:


Where do we go from here?

Unsure of what to do next? Let’s have a chat and establish where your current visual branding is at, and if Qora Health Branding is able to help bring some clarity.

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